2019 AGM and Applique-In

Last Saturday we held our AGM meeting in Essendon... as always, not too much AGM and instead lots of time for stitching and chatting.  And shopping and Show and Tell.  Plus some Tutorials.  So a top day all round.

image of The Rain Came Down
The Rain Came Down

Bang on cue at 10am the heavens opened!  Of course we're always conflicted when it comes to rain... so essential as we have been in much need of some precipitation, but really! Now?

Once we were all in and dried off, the day started in earnest

The gorgeous Emma of Queen of Fabric Brighton brought her shop along for us all to enjoy... and enjoy we did

The AGM got underway on time, and as these are a tedious necessity as the best of times, we keep it to a minimum ~~get the job done and get on with the fun bits~~


Show and Tell

image of Ros's Doll Quilts
Ros's Doll Quilts

Ros kicked off with two quilts which took our breaths away.. two darling Doll Quilts from an International on-line Swap.  On the right is the one Ros has received from her inward swap partner in the UK... swooning

And on the left is the progress of the one Ros is her making for her outward swap partner... swooning again and knowing the lucky secret recipient will be as pleased to receive it as Ros was to receive hers.

image of Joanne's Applique Quilt
Joanne's Applique Quilt

Next up was Joanne's Applique Quilt.  Beautiful traditional blocks and generously, Joanne will donate this quilt to charity to Raffle <3

image of Margaret's The Yeoman's Daughter
Margaret's The Yeoman's Daughter

Margaret brought along her The Yeoman's Daughter, a Cut-out Chintz Applique and EPP coverlet.  And later demonstrated this technique of applique in our tutorials.

image of Pam's Dutch Treat
Pam's Dutch Treat

How much work is in this amazing Dutch Treat by Pam! All Reverse applique (Hand) And truly divine in the Delft Blues

image of Sue's Razz-a-Dazzle
Sue's Razz-a-Dazzle

Sue's Razz-A-Dazzle in a bright and modern palette brought some more ooohs and aaaahs. Applique and Embroidery, a perfect blend. Pattern by Hugs and Kisses https://www.creaturecrafts.net.au/p/713/Razz-a-dazzle-BOM-by-Hugs-n-Kisses.html

image of Oh Susanna by Maureen
Oh Susanna by Maureen

Maureen is the Chapter Leader of our new Korumburra Chapter in Gippsland.  Her Susanna Culp quilt, a pattern by Brenda Papadakis, https://www.dearjane.com/SusannaCulp.htm has been a long time in the making.  It always is a show stopper.

Also by Maureen is Dear Daughter - below-.  This is a Gay Bomer's pattern https://sentimentalstitches.net/2018/02/25/dear-daughter-block-of-the-month/.  Maureen has used Back-Basting Applique for both these quilts.

image of Maureen's Dear Daughter
Maureen's Dear Daughter
image of Chris's Tumblers
Chris's Tumblers

Two stunning quilts from Chris, both award winners <3 A machine pieced Tumbler and a Hand appliqued quilt named in honour of Aunt Dorothy Bray

image of Chris's Dorothy Bray
Chris's Dorothy Bray

Joanne had another stunner up her sleeve... this version of Margaret Mew's Miss Hitchens' Whimsy.  Begun in NZ in 2017 in, Joanne has used lots of NZ motifs for her needleturn Cut-out Chintz applique.  You can see a close up of it on our Welcome Page.

image of Joanne's Miss Hitchens' Whimsy
Joanne's Miss Hitchens' Whimsy


image of Heather's Rotherfield's Grey
Heather's Rotherfield's Grey

Our President Heather wowed us at the end of the Show and Tell with two completely different styles of applique.

First was her version of Di Ford's Rotherfield Greys ... beautiful in a soft colourway and then a Work in Progress of an amazing Pictorial Applique. Heather did a class in the USA last year with David Taylor... you may remember reading about it in our newsletter. It's a little hard to see in the pic, I hope can make out the lines where the applique will reveal Sammy the Cat.  And the use of EPP as a background is truly inspired <3

image ofHeather's Pictorial Applique in Progress
Heather's Pictorial Applique in Progress

We  rounded the day out with four Tutorials on different applique techniques.  Each was demonstrated in rotation so everyone could attend all four.

Thank you to our tutors Veronique https://blog.wattlebird.com.au/blog/  Sue, Mary and

Margaret  https://www.quiltstation.com.au/

image of Veronique demonstrating Blended applique
Veronique demonstrating Blended applique


image of Sue Demonstrating Fusible Machine applique
Sue Demonstrating Fusible Machine applique


image of Mary demonstrating Perfect hand appliqued Needle-turn circles
Mary demonstrating Perfect hand appliqued Needle-turn circles


image of Margaret demonstrating Cut out Chintz applique
Margaret demonstrating Cut out Chintz applique

Huge thanks to all who came and made it another happy and informative occasion

We look forward to welcoming you to a TAG event soon