The Committee

The 2019 committee of The Applique Guild of Australia Inc.

Office Holders:

  • Heather Shepherd (President)
  • Janet O'Dell (Vice President)
  • Vacant (Secretary)
  • Anneke Neighbour (Treasurer)

Committee Members:

  • Vacant (Newsletter Editor)
  • Margaret Mew (Social Media)
  • Suzanne (Sue) Pascoe (Membership)
  • Kelly Callaghan (Chapter Coordinator)

Heather Shepherd (President)

I started sewing when a child and looking back when in my early teenage years under mum's direction we made patchwork skirts which I now see around our childhood home as cushion covers.

I enjoy all forms of patchwork but in particular applique. The areas of applique of most interest are broderie perse and back basting.

My aim as President of The Applique Guild of Australia is to further expand the Guild into the rest of Australia and to develop areas of interest for the Guilds membership.




Janet O’Dell (Vice President)

Janet O'Dell

I have a long-standing tradition of dressmaking and millinery in my family and my fabric heritage goes back to a childhood fascination with costume design and fashion.  For the past 25 years I have had an ever-growing interest in the history of textiles and quilting.

Now a proficient quilter and collector of antique quilts, she has the experience to appreciate well-executed design and clever fabric choices in quilts.

This has led to being intensely interested in quilt study - learning about quilt heritage, quilt makers, ephemera and the fabrics and designs used. Travelling around the world has expanded my quilt and textile knowledge and I enjoy every minute of it.


Vacant (Secretary)



Anneke Neighbour (Treasurer)

I am fortunate to have a mother who was a professional seamstress specialising in wedding dresses and men’s suiting and who lovingly passed on her knowledge and love of sewing to me.  Over the years I have also become a passionate embroiderer however being left handed is challenging at times.

My passion for textiles led me to undertake a Bachelor of Visual Arts and I went on to work as a printed textile designer and colour separator for fashion and furnishing fabrics.

The first quilt I created was for my daughter 28 years ago which I pieced and quilted by hand and machine, however it didn’t feature applique even though I had dabbled with needle turn applique since my teens.  Since moving to Wodonga three years ago and joining Carolyn Konig’s ‘Sit n Sew’ group I have developed a renewed interest in applique.  As I’m always keen to learn new skills I asked Carolyn and fellow stitchers to teach me to applique using ‘Stitch n Wash’.  Last year I learnt back basting in a workshop conducted by Margaret Mew.

Moving forward I prefer to design my own quilts and other textile pieces employing my piecing, applique and embroidery skills, and when I can use some of my own dyed and printed fabrics, then all the better.


Vacant (Newsletter Editor)



Margaret Mew (Social Media)

image of Margaret Mew

Quilt making grabbed my attention in 1992 when I made a Sampler quilt at my local quilt shop.  The quilt had just a couple of appliqué blocks and I don’t remember feeling overly excited about that particular skill back then.  I know I didn't pursue appliqué in my quilts straight away, I was just enjoying the piecing and the quilting.

Within a couple of years though I started to really become aware of Appliqué and what could be achieved with the different techniques.  I attended a two day workshop with Mary O. Roberts, learning dimensional Baltimore style appliqué, and it confirmed how much I enjoy the process of creating something intricate without a care for how long it takes.

After many years of enjoying both quick and slow appliqué techniques using commercially available patterns, I now design and create my own quilts and most of them feature appliqué.


Suzanne (Sue) Pascoe (Membership)

I began my quilting journey in Adelaide in 1983. I started making paper pieced 1 1/2 inch hexagons, cutting my own papers from Womens Weekly paper. I made 6 quilts this way and quilted them myself.

In 1987 I joined a small group and learnt needle turn appliqué and soon became hooked on it. I worked as a registered nurse at the Royal Adelaide Hospital in the 1990's on night duty and could often sew a few hours each night mainly doing crazy patchwork. Now some 30 years later my favourites are still hexagons and needle turn appliqué.

5 1/2 years ago I moved to Melbourne with my sick husband to be near our children and grandchildren. Because of my love of quilting I was able to join some groups and make new friends.

I feel privileged  to have met many talented ladies who I can now call my friends.


Kelly Callaghan (Chapter Coordinator)

I started quilting in the 1980s. But a move to Sydney meant I gave up quilting until the late 1990s when I discovered Eastwood Patchwork Quilters.

I prefer reproduction quilts and fabrics, although I try to avoid the darker colours. Some people don't like using purple - for me that colour is brown!

I started the Ryde Eastwood Chapter of The Applique Guild to learn more about applique as I have come to love applique in the last few years. Even though I have made many quilts by machine I prefer handwork.




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