Member’s Quilt Show – Bendigo

The Applique Guild of Australia - Member’s Quilt Show 2023 proudly in partnership with Craft Alive will be held at The Prince of Wales Showgrounds, Holmes Road, North Bendigo from 15th – 18th June 2023.

Craft Alive will be hosting classes covering all sorts of crafts, feature artists, make and take classes.

To register your quilt for the Quilt Display complete the Quilt Display Application form and read the Conditions of Entry. Complete and forwarded the form to The Applique Guild at the address on the form. Applications close on 14th May 2023.

Quilt Guardians (White Glove Duty)

The Quilt Shows rely on volunteers to look after the quilts which are on display and to field questions from the viewers. These volunteers are known as Quilt Guardians or White Glove Duty. These volunteers are the only ones that can touch the quilts. We need you to be our guardian. Complete the Quilt Guardian online form or use the Quilt Guardian printable form and send it to the Guild.

You ask "Why can no one else can touch the quilts"? Well, they are so tactile. Why would anyone want to do that? Lots try. People want to talk about the design and construction and point out special features, with fingers really, really close to the quilt. And some people want to see what’s on the back.

About Bendigo

Bendigo is a city in Victoria, located in Bendigo Valley near the geographical centre of the state and approximately 150kms from Melbourne. Bendigo is Australia’s 19th largest city, 4th largest inland city and 4th most populated in Victoria. It covers an area of approximately 300 kms and over 100,991 population and residents are known as Bendigonians.

Gold was discovered in 1851 in Bendigo Creek and transformed the area from ‘sheep station’ into one of Victoria’s Colonial Australian largest boom-towns. The goldrush brought migrates from both Europe and China. The wealth created by this rush is reflected today in the cities Victorian Architectural Heritage, from 1853 – 1891 it was officially called Sandhurst. From 1930’s it became a manufacturing and regional services centre. Bendigo has become one of the fastest growing regional centres in Victorian.

Shamrock Hotel est 1854 and rebuilt 1897

Sun Loong – the world’s most Imperial Dragon, and symbol of the Chinese heritage and major draw card at the Bendigo Easter Festival procession – the remainder of the time it lives at the Golden Chinese Museum.

Tourism Tram – apart from Melbourne,  Bendigo is one of the few cities that has maintained their trams but has them only as tourist tram and one of the tourist attractions that they frequent is Deborah mine.

Culture and Events – there are many facilities available.

  • The Bendigo Art Gallery – which host’s many international events.
  • The Capital Theatre (formerly Masonic Lodge) – holds many performing arts & musicians.
  • Ulumburra Theatre opened in April 2015 which was originally the Bendigo /Sandhurst goal & holds events like Bluey.

There are many more events for one to enjoy while in Bendigo.

Accommodation – in total there are 174 Hotels to choose from. They range from the Shamrock to Quest accommodation throughout the city and surrounding suburbs.

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