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Your membership with the Guild will provide you access to appliqué tutorials, private Facebook group, newsletters, workshops, Applique-Ins with guest speakers, AGM and Chapter Meetings with Sit-n-Sew.

Membership is due on 29 September each year.  New memberships received after 1st June will receive membership until 30th September of the following year i.e. up to 16 months membership.

Should you have any enquiries write to the Membership Secretary at

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Annual Fees (in Australian dollars)

Membership CategoryBenefitsAnnual Fee
Online MemberMonthly newsletters online in colour$30.00
Name badge - OptionalPosted Within Australia$25.00

Payment methods
Your membership payment can be made via one of the methods below. Proceed and complete the application form below and then use your nominated payment method and make your membership payment. Your application will be confirmed via email.

Payment by PayPal or Credit Card:
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Payment by Direct Deposit (Bank Transfer):
To make the payment use the information below.

  • Bank name:  Bendigo Bank
  • BSB:   633000
  • Account No:   146672456
  • Account name:   The Applique Guild of Australia Inc.
  • Reference:   Your full name

Email a copy of the bank deposit receipt to confirm your payment to:

Payment by Cheque:
To make the payment use the information below.

  • Cheque payable to:  The Appliqué Guild of Australia Inc.
  • Postal address:   P.O. Box 217, Bulleen 3105, Victoria, Australia


  1. Be advised that your membership application and bank payment confirmation can take up to 7 days to be processed. You will be advised when the application is processed.

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