There was a meet and greet at Gippsbeary Cottage Korumbuura on Saturday 12th January to see if the ladies in the area were interested in having a Chapter there on the 3rd Saturday of each month.

19 ladies attended and were very supportive of a Chapter. Maureen Mackie has agreed to be the Chapter leader. Tina, Jodie and Trudy the owners of Gippsbeary Cottage were very welcoming and pleased so many ladies attended and will return over the coming months. Show and tell produce some beautiful work from felted applique to broderie perse.   Heather


  1. It was a great sit and sew day on 12th January at our new chapter in Korumburra at Gippsbeary Cottage, it was lovely to see so many attend…. after organising the day, I was thinking I’m might be the only one to turn up! Everyone came from near and far and we all enjoyed our sewing, chatting and sharing of projects.
    The town was also happy to have us…..most sampled the cafes and takeaways at lunch time…..some did clothes shopping and of course we all did fabric shopping!
    We had a fabulous show and tell and I want to thank everyone for coming and making the day so enjoyable.
    Our next day will be 16th February….come along and join us, everyone is very welcome.

    Maureen Mackie

  2. What a lovely day we all had at Gippsbeary Cottage Korumburra last Saturday, it was great to see so many locals and members attend. We had a fabulous show and tell and the room buzzed as everyone sewed and chatted and shared their projects.
    As Chapter leader and the one that suggested Korumburra, I was worried I’d be there on my lonesome!…..I was very happy to say we had 19 ladies come along and everyone was very happy to be there. I’m hoping the next sit and sew on 16th February will be as well attended. I must also say the local stores and cafes were happy to have us too! Delicious food and great company.

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