Value of Colour

What is the Value of Colour program?   

It is a ten (10) month program encouraging and teaching you how to utilize colours that you may not be inclined to use in projects. This program has been adapted from and with the assistance of the Reece Scannell Textiles Colour Program. The Applique Guild of Australia Inc. is privileged to be part of this unique program.

We are using Reece Scannell’s 2½" Shot Cotton bundles which consists of 9 colours graded from deep gemstone to soft pastels. "They adapt well to both contemporary and traditional styles“ said Reece Scannell.

You will receive 1 colour each month for 9 months. Each mailout will consist of 4 strips cut 2½” of that month's colour, these colours ranging from light to dark as above. You are encouraged to use from your stash fabric in that month’s colour range and don’t forget to use your florals or tones of that colour. You will receive a sample template and instructions for the design that you can apply to each month's colour and then once completed you are encouraged to submit them to be published on our website for all to see.

The block is cut at 10½” and the background of the block is the colour of your choice.

Samples of blocks using the Value of Colour rules

Some of our members have created blocks for use to start the creative juices going and to give you ideas of what can be achieved. The imagination is the limit.

Value of Colour block using the colour Blue by Alison Gardner
Value of Colour block using the colour Yellow by Veronique Diligent


Value of Colour block using the colour Orange by Chris Colavizza
Value of Colour block using the colour Green by Veronique Diligent


Who will benefit from this Value of Colour program?

Anybody who is interested in learning and wishing to expand both their knowledge, skills and use of the Value of Colour. This also includes Teachers, Judges and Appraisers. You too, can give your quilts that extra zing which encourages people to have a second or third look at your quilt.


To assist students of the program to understand the value of colour and the use of it in their everyday quilt projects.


You will:

  1. receive your monthly colour strip from the Reece Scannell textiles collection;
  2. receive a brief history of dying techniques throughout the history of colours;
  3. receive a brief history of colours and reference material;
  4. receive the history of the colour wheel and how to use it in relation to value contrast of colours;
  5. learn via Video from the monthly featured artist who uses that month’s particular colour as they explain why and how they use it;
  6. have access to other members who use that colour and how the use it; and
  7. be able to search for and learn from the provided colour reference material for your ongoing use and learning.

Cost of the program

The program costs includes all documentation and training videos and is available as follows:

  • TAG Member $110
  • Non TAG Member $130

How to apply and access the program

If order to receive access to the Value of Colour program click here to complete the program application form.

The completed application together with your payment details will be forwarded to the Guild Membership Secretary who will advise you via email of your program application details together with your website access information.