Membership eNewsletter SignUp form

This page and the Mailchimp SignUp form is only available to TAG website Administrators.

This form should only be used where a members subscription has expired before their membership renewal.

When the membership expires the members Role in the WordPress database is changed from "Online Member" to "Free Subscriber". At the same time the status at Mailchimp is also changed to "Unsubscribed". Therefore from this time the member will not receive any further communication via Mailchimp until the Mailchimp status has been reset manually using the StartUp form below.

When an expired member has renewed their membership complete the StartUp that will reset the members Mailchimp status from "Unsubscribed" to "Subscribed". For more details on completing the form refer to the "IT Systems Manual".

Click this Mailchimp StartUp Form link to launch the form (the form will launch in a separate browser tab).

NOTE: The process described on this page does NOT apply for members that have renewed their membership before the expiry date or new members.

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