Thread…Thread…which Thread?


How do you choose a thread?

How do you choose a thread?

When you get together with your friends or sewing group for a sewing day...well that is sewing, chat, coffee, tea and lots of you ever notice how many different types of threads are being used around the table...we all have our favourites, and once we find a thread that we love we seldom change.
Do you also notice that if you ask your friends about why they use a preferred thread they always say it is the best appliqué thread they have ever used.

Around our table the other day I think we covered nearly every type of thread available but now we are relying on you to tell us of any we missed or why you love the thread you use...maybe even convince us to try something new.

We have two machine appliqué junkies in our group and they use two completely different types of machine appliqué methods and thread.  One machine fan in our group swears by invisible monofilament for a result that almost looks like needle turn...she uses two colours, smoke for darker colour fabrics and clear for lighter shades and she will always match her thread choice to the appliqué, never the background...not only does she handle the machine like a boss, but she makes it look easy...

Choose a colour.

Choose a colour.

On the other side of the table we have machine fan number two who loves colour in all its glory and uses rayon thread and Gutterman sulky in her machine to appliqué using a machine blanket stitch...she loves the fact that these threads are available in a multitude of amazing colours and that she can alter the finished result by her choice of light, dark or matching thread.

And now we get to rest of the gang...a table full of needle turn appliqué addicts and yikes, we all love different threads...and what a loyal bunch we sewers are...when we find the thread  we love we stick to it.

Aurifil in so so many colours.

Aurifil in so so many colours.

Auriful  50 weight was a big favourite in the group...a very well loved choice for smooth and stress free needle turn...don't we all love a thread that doesn't knot, and Auriful fans say that is what they love about this thread...

Handy neutral colours.

Handy neutral colours.

There a few firm favourite neutral colours that fans say are a must in the sewing bag but they also have a huge range of colours.

Some just love Superior Masterpiece threads and it is easy to see why. Even before you thread a needle you want this thread because their colour wheels are so delicious and so portable....they come in great colour combinations  and are wound on bobbins making it easy to carry every colour we think we will need....pretty cute eh.

Superior delicious.

Superior delicious.

We want them just because they are so darn pretty and look great sitting in our sewing bag....however fans of this thread say it is fine and smooth, seldom knots, and glides through fabric.

Do you love using silk gives such a beautiful invisible result and it sure does come in a

Silk thread...lot of temptation here.

Silk thread...lot of temptation here.

great range of colours and it goes a long way. Devotees swear by it and others say it slips out of the needle too easily and can even melt with some heavy handed pressing...

Who loves using The Bottom Line for their needle turn, some of us will use nothing else and say it is an absolute joy to use, and once again, that it seldom knots....a generic neutral colour is really all that is needed with this fine invisible thread so it makes packing for sewing day easy....but because it is polyester would you worry it will melt with too much pressing?

The Bottom Line...loved by lots of needle turn fans.

The Bottom Line...loved by lots of needle turn fans.

We hope you will all take a minute to tell us what threads you love and why...lets see if any of us can be persuaded to try a few different threads....and if we decide to trial a few more threads what a great excuse we will have to do more appliqué.

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  1. I’ve just discovered Mettler 60wt embroidery cotton and I just love it – its so thin it just disappears into the fabric and no knots or breaks !

  2. Christine Stewart says

    I’ve only used Rasant for my needle turn, as that was what I was told to use when I began needle turning. I don’t seem to have any problems. I should try the others and do a comparison, one day!

  3. Faye Post says

    Ive just discovered Aurifil 50 and love it but what do I do with all the other threads in the house. I do love embroidery number 10 needles for everything because I can thread them easily and they are lovely and fine to sew with. They do need to be a good brand though.

    • Ros Devine says

      I too love using Aurifil 50. I’m now using up old disliked Guterman for basting quilts and also for the basting of some thousands of hexies that I’m doing now!

  4. What a gorgeous looking post… colourful and bright 🙂
    Well, I am a hand appliquist, needle-turn, and I use either Aurifil 50wt in a colour to match my applique or a DMC machine embroidery thread 50wt (comes on a spool) in one of four neutrals…white, tan, light grey or dark grey. After reading Irene’s comment though, I must try the Rasant as I use that on my Long-Arm quilting machine (LOVE IT) but hadn’t thought of it for hand applique work. One thing I have rediscovered though is running my thread through bee’s wax (i used to use it back in another life as hand quilter to stop the tangles… Now I use it for my applique and am liking it very much)
    Silk Thread and I don’t get on so that is *out* for me.
    Thanks for starting a great discussion 😀

    • I’ve used rasant for English paper piecing but it starts to split from forming over the templates and then breaks easy. I’ve stopped using it for EPP plus it’s to thick for a milliners 11 needle eye. but love using it my sewing machine and machine quilting. That I find it out standing for.

  5. Dawn Ash says

    I converted to Aurifil about 2 years ago. Wouldn’t use anything else. I love it; doesn’t fray, twist or break. Beautiful stuff!

  6. Kelly Higgins says

    I also like Rasant, it’s super easy to thread too! I use superior bottom line in one colour no matter what I’m appliqueing, mainly because I’m too lazy to thread another colour! I love bottom line for applique. It’s invisible and strong. No melting issues so far!

    • Lisa Blackwell says

      What colour in the bottom line do you use? I want to get something that will work with most fabrics

  7. I usually use two threads – depending on what ‘s in my bag. I LOVE Rasant – I find it easy to thread a No. 11 needle. I also use Aurifil No. 2325 because to me its almost invisible and I can use it for any colour fabric. I use either light or dark grey or a cream and a dark tan.

    Now what about needles? There’s another story there!

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