Focus on Applique

My book - Focus on Applique
My book - Focus on Applique

I’m sure most of you are aware that Quiltmania published a book of 13 of my quilt patterns, the book being aptly named Focus on Applique.

Margaret Mew, our “esteemed” prez remarked in 2011 that I “had a book in me” and arranged for a mutual friend to invite me over for dinner with my quilts as Carol was staying with the said mutual friend!  Well I took my quilts with me and before the night was over Carol had signed a book deal with me – really it was a handshake deal.  The book was to be published in 2015 so I had lots of time to design the required number of quilts – I was lucky that most of the quilts I showed Carol were to be included in the book so I only had about 8 more to design.  Fortunately I have a wonderful sewing group whom I had to call on to help me in the last few months.  And I managed to get all the quilts done in time.

I’ve blogged previously about my wonderful time in Nantes.

I talked about my book at the Mornington Applique-In and at various others venues.  And I want to thank everyone for the wonderful support and encouragement I’ve received with the publication of the book.  I have received many email for quilters telling me that they have enjoyed the book. Quiltmania did a wonderful job with the presentation of the book – the photos are terrific and the graphics brilliant!

Quiltmania were in Sydney earlier this month so Margaret, Jennifer and myself did the road trip to Sydney to pick up cartons of books – much cheaper than posting.  Actually collecting the books was hilarious – but more of that in another post.

So…. I brought back a few cartons of books.  If anyone is interested in buying them I can post them out to you.  The book costs $70 plus $12 postage.  Please email me on:

and of course if you’d like it signed please let me know.  If you need me to sign it “to my best friend” just let me know and I'm happy to oblige!!


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