Post Office Patchwork in Glenbrook

I spent the last weekend in Sydney and on my "to visit" list was Post Office Patchwork, a shop I had heard and read about for a few years and had always wanted to visit.  I was very fortunate to have Friday off and I made my way to Glenbrook.

So here I was at Post Office Patchwork run by Rhonda Pearce.  For those of you who haven't heard the news from Houston (and I don't think there are too many) Rhonda won first prize for her beautiful quilt - all hand quilted!

Below is only a photo of Rhonda with her quilt.  As you can see she won 1st prize in the traditional applique section in Houston and 1st prize Viewer's Choice from the Quilters Guild of New South Wales . The quilt is still in Houston and she won't get it back until October next year.  She tells me that it will be exhibited at the American Museum in Bath.

As you can see from the photos below Rhonda has made some fabulous hexagon quilts - all hand quilted.  She also showed us some other quilts but some have yet to be published so they were for my eyes only - how privileged I felt.


And a collage of Post Office Patchwork - and a beautiful quilt designed by Rhonda: