Sydney Quilt Show

TAG attended the Sydney Quilt Show held in conjunction with the Craft and Quilt Fair held between June 19-23. The show is the largest quilt show in the southern hemisphere, and was well worth a visit to enjoy magnificent quilts, some of which were from TAG member. The exhibition comprised more than 400 quilts and some of the winning quilts from TAG members are shown below. Congratulations to Wendy Ochtman for taking out the 2nd Amateur Category, sponsored by TAG. TAG stand Sue de Vanny, 3rd Pictorial Category Megan Manearing, 3rd Professional Category Jocelyn Leith, 2nd Pictorial Category Wendy Ochtman, 2nd in Amanture category Read More

Easter Quilt Show

The Strathdale Quilters in Bendigo (Central Vic) are holding their Biennial Exhibition over the Easter weekend. This has always been an Easter tradition for me, so I'll be heading up there on Good Friday afternoon with Alison. The quilts will be stunning (I know, because they always are) I've just put the opening times and days up on the web calendar, so if you're looking to get out of the city over the weekend, do come and have a look.  The weather is always just perfect too (hope I haven't just jinxed that) Happy stitching and enjoy this special holiday Margaret :-)   Read More

Aussies in Houston

image of Rhonda Pearce Quilt

I am not long back from Quilt Market and Festival in Houston, Texas.  What a wonderful time I had and it was thrilling to see some Australian quilts on show there.  Here are some for your viewing pleasure. The quilt below is 'Baltimore Classic' by Rhonda Pearce of Glenbrook, NSW.  It is inspired by an antique quilt in the American Museum, Bath, England. Rhonda's quilt is an exquisite example of needletun applique. Also on show was a quilt by Jennifer (Jenny)  Bowker from Garran ACT,  her quilt depicted Margaret Rolfe OM.  Using piecing and raw edge applique techniques, it is a stunning quilt as expected by a quilt maker of Jenny's calibre. The quilt received an Honorable Mention award in its category (Art-People, Portraits and Figures Category) congratulations Jenny. I was especially excited to see an Australian quiltmaker awarded the 'Founders Award'.  Two quilts were awarded with the honour this year as it was too difficult to separate the two final outstanding quilts. Below is Margo Hardie's interpretation of the Gorusch Family Quilt c1800.  Margo is from Lake Haven NSW.  Congratulations Margo, this is an outstanding achievement and a very beautiful quilt. Also hanging in Houston was a quilt by Linda Steele of Melbourne Vic.  I don't know why I didn't get a photo, I remember noticing it and being very pleased to see it. However, on checking through all my assorted photo taking devices there is not a pic anywhere.  Congratulations Linda, it looked great and it's always wonderful to see Australian quiltmakers honored by having their quilts hanging at the International venues. I hope I haven't forgotten any Aussies...I had a very good look around the exhibition hall, however it is 'massive' and difficult to get to all nooks and crannies. For one final piece of Aussie eye  quilt candy take a look at this.  This is actually an American quilt-maker, Vicki Bohnhoff from Amthem, Arizona, USA, but you don't get much more Australian Read More

TAG Launch

WOW!!  Is all I can say.  What a fantastic launch to The Applique Guild of Australia. We spent the last few days at Showcase talking about TAG and the response has been incredible.  There has been so much support that we feel that all the hard work that we’ve put into bringing this about has been worthwhile. It was originally the brainchild of Margaret Mew and Jennifer Murray a couple of years ago.  They went about “diligently” recruiting quilters that they felt would add something to the committee.  The original committee consisted of them, myself, Alison Gardner  and Joy Smith who was invaluable in helping us set out our mission statement.  Joy had to leave because of family commitments and things were quiet for a while.  Earlier this year we decided to approach Mary Hitchens, Janet O’Dell and Margaret Parkinson to help boost our committee – and what a welcome dynamic team they are.  Things soon started to move along very quickly and we were able to launch at Showcase. We spoke to many quilters, from all over Australia – and even Singapore (!) - and the support has been overwhelming.  Most expressed the opinion that – “its about time”!  Many quilters had some great ideas that we will be considering for the future.  Quilters from the country were also excited about the prospect of now keeping in touch with quilters from the “city” as well as learning techniques that they said they wouldn’t have had access to. We also had tremendous support and enthusiasm for our Inaugural Applique day on the 5th October 2013 at Holy Cross Retreat Centre, 207 Serpells Road, Templestowe (Melways ref. 34 A7).  It seems to me that quilters love quilt-ins and are always looking for somewhere to go on the weekends to sit and sew with friends.  We have a very special day planned with our lovely guest speaker, Julie Adamson. So, thank you quilters, thank you so much for your support.  We know that we are all going to have fun in the future. Read More

Day 1 @ Jeff’s Shed

Here we are all set ready to go, indeed as I type this I'm sure Margaret is hard at work on day 1.  As you can see she has done a beautiful job setting up our display yesterday. Irene and I will be there Friday, Margaret M and I on Saturday and Irene, Margaret M and Alison, Janet, Mary & Margaret P on Sunday. Stop by and have a chat. Jennifer Read More