There was a meet and greet at Gippsbeary Cottage Korumbuura on Saturday 12th January to see if the ladies in the area were interested in having a Chapter there on the 3rd Saturday of each month.

19 ladies attended and were very supportive of a Chapter. Maureen Mackie has agreed to be the Chapter leader. Tina, Jodie and Trudy the owners of Gippsbeary Cottage were very welcoming and pleased so many ladies attended and will return over the coming months. Show and tell produce some beautiful work from felted applique to broderie perse.   Heather

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About Heather Shepherd

l was taught sewing by my mother when a child using a treadle sewing machine and looking back we made patchwork skirts and other things. my interest in making pictures from both embroidery and fair isle knitting then onto applique.

I enjoy broderie perse and back basting. I am also amazed at antique applique quilts and the many and varied ways in which the were made including how the used the material available to them.

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