The Committee

The 2018 committee of The Applique Guild of Australia Inc.

Office Holders:

  • Heather Shepherd (President)
  • Janet O'Dell (Vice President)
  • Chris Colavizza (Secretary)
  • Chris Colavizza (Treasurer)

Committee Members:

  • Véronique Diligent (Membership Secretary)
  • Margaret Mew
  • Mary Hitchens
  • Alison Gardner


Heather Shepherd (President)


Janet O’Dell (Vice President)

Janet O'Dell

I have a long-standing tradition of dressmaking and millinery in my family and my fabric heritage goes back to a childhood fascination with costume design and fashion.  For the past 25 years I have had an ever-growing interest in the history of textiles and quilting.

Now a proficient quilter and collector of antique quilts, she has the experience to appreciate well-executed design and clever fabric choices in quilts.

This has led to being intensely interested in quilt study - learning about quilt heritage, quilt makers, ephemera and the fabrics and designs used. Travelling around the world has expanded my quilt and textile knowledge and I enjoy every minute of it.



Chris Colavizza (Secretary & Treasurer)



Véronique Diligent (Membership Secretary)

Veronique Diligent

The first time I did needle turn was in 1997, a cot quilt with 12 little teddy bears sleeping under  a blanket made out of 1” squares, I was hooked.
For a few years I taught patchwork to a group of ladies (back in France) and although we used patterns from others I always end up changing more than few things on it , so the natural course was to start designing my own.
I love playing with colours and making really scrappy quilts where moderns meets the reproduction fabrics.
In all my quilts there has to be some orange fabrics, some circles ( love them) and most of all applique.



Margaret Mew

image of Margaret Mew

Quilt making grabbed my attention in 1992 when I made a Sampler quilt at my local quilt shop.  The quilt had just a couple of appliqué blocks and I don’t remember feeling overly excited about that particular skill back then.  I know I didn't pursue appliqué in my quilts straight away, I was just enjoying the piecing and the quilting.

Within a couple of years though I started to really become aware of Appliqué and what could be achieved with the different techniques.  I attended a two day workshop with Mary O. Roberts, learning dimensional Baltimore style appliqué, and it confirmed how much I enjoy the process of creating something intricate without a care for how long it takes.

After many years of enjoying both quick and slow appliqué techniques using commercially available patterns, I now design and create my own quilts and most of them feature appliqué.



Mary Hitchens



Alison Gardner






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